The refrigerator is a common household appliance that most people in the modernized Western world come to expect to have in any home or rental property.

This new innovative bicycle puts power literally in the hands of the people.

Hidden beneath our feet lies the entangled roots of many different plants and trees.

Science works best when in harmony with nature.

Nikola Tesla is regarded as one of the most infamous scientists of all time. Whether you regard him as a genius, or a complete crackpot, his brilliance and sheer imagination cannot be denied.

Have you ever overheard an intense or heart-wrenching discussion only to find out the talkers were actually hashing out the lives of fictional TV characters?

While any discussion of the "chemtrail" phenomenon today is immediately labeled conspiracy theory,

Dr. S. James Gates, Jr., a theoretical physicist, the John S. Toll Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland,

Everyone now realizes that processed and fast foods provide no nutritional value and are actually very harmful to our bodies.

We all know that it is a dangerous heavy metal in its natural quicksilver form…

Fluoride sounds like something good right, I mean you find it in your toothpaste as the main active ingredient and it’s added to almost all of America’s public drinking water,

Monsanto started as a chemical company that brought the world poisons like Agent Orange and Roundup. Now they are better known for their domination of Genetically Modified Agriculture, owning nearly 90% of staple GMO crops

Elon Musk has now revealed more facts of his contentious proposal to bomb Mars.

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