Since the dawn of ages, throughout cultures and civilizations, there have always been those who were considered enlightened.

Like many kids growing up, I was always fascinated with the stars and the enormous size and beauty of the heavens above.

A strange story about the Great Pyramid of Giza appeared in the March 2000 issue of the Egyptian magazine Rose El-Yussuf.

Black Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object orbiting Earth

In early August of 2001, what became known as the “mother of all crop circles” appeared overnight in Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England.

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Our world is in urgent need of a profound revolution. Not a revolution of power, but a REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. What we need is an AWAKENING of the GIANT potential of consciousness that resides within us. From this awakening all the solutions we need will come. Wake up the Giant stands for all those working to bring about this wave of awakening of Humanity.