Faith is one of those things you can only understand by experiencing it. In this article I hope to open a window to it through my own experience.

Spiritual faith is one of the least understood things today. Many people even see it as the cause for many of our problems – for war and terrorism, for intolerance and stupidity. This could not be more wrong.

As a man of intense spiritual faith I can understand why many people would have a hard time understanding persons of religious conviction and would even feel threatened by them. 

Faith is one of those things that you can only understand from the inside, only when you have it you can really get what it is all about.

To begin with, I find that many people consider faith as something blind – you have no idea if what you have faith in is true or not, but you just chose to believe it completely. For me, however, this is not the case at all. 

For me, faith started out as a big question mark – a feeling that there must be more to life then what I can see, that there is a deeper meaning which for the time being was still eluding me. With time the question mark grew, and in the same time grew my faith that an answer exists, yet I knew that I could only find this answer within me, that no one could just tell it to me. 

With time, an answer indeed appeared in me. It manifested as a feeling of revelation of the existence of a Universal Consciousness (or God if you wish to call it that) which includes everything (including myself) and exists in everything (including in myself). 

People often ask: ‘so you had a thought about this?’ the answer is no. it’s not a thought, it’s not an idea, nor a mental understanding. You dont think it, you experience it with all your being. You simply know it – you know the existence of God and of the nature of your relationship with Him. You don’t know how you know it but you do. Many people consider it irrational to believe in something that you can’t see or hear or feel. And yet when you are in love you can’t see or hear the love, and yet you know without a doubt that you are in love. The same it is with God. I can’t prove he exists but I know it more certainly then I know anything else. In fact, I find that even the term ‘belief’ is not proper – I don’t believe that God exits, I know it, I experience it.

People often ask: ‘so what does this change in your life?’ the answer, shockingly, is nothing. Everything continues as it always had, I wake up, I eat, I work, I interact. And yet, everything is different, every one of these actions and every one of my experiences has a totally new meaning. Every part of life has a profound significance which fills me with a feeling of purpose, of joy and of peace.

I do not feel any need to convince anyone that God exists; I don’t see a reason to market my faith to others. I know from my own experience that it is something that each person has to discover for themselves in their own being. It is an answer which comes to you being attracted to a question that you grow and cultivate in your being.

People often ask: ‘so now you found the answer, you no longer question anything?’ well, I did not find the answer, I merely came in touch with it. Calling it an ‘answer’ diminishes this incredible experience very much into a small mental concept. It is not experienced as an answer but as a touch with reality, a reality which is so vast that you can only encompass a little of it into your experience. After such an experience, I find my questioning only growing; only that it is not a growing of the doubt, but of the curiosity. It manifests a s boundless curiosity and desire to go deeper into that experience, to understand more about the nature of existence and of my part in it, to live it more fully. The more I discover the more grows that unknown. I suspect that the destiny of people of faith is a life of constant exploration.

All I have described above is characterizing my experience and the experience I have observed in many other people of faith, regardless of what is their religion or chosen spiritual path. 

And yet, we can see many people who claim to be motivated by faith who are none the less acting in a very different way. I have come to consider that in reality, those who identify themselves as being people of faith can be split into 4 categories: those who have already started to discover to a certain extent the answers to their quest, those who are still in the beginning of the search, those who think they have found the answer but in reality have not, and those who are only pretending. In the dynamics between these 4 categories we find the drama of spirituality on earth today and the reasons for how and why in many cases religion and spirituality have been deviated from a path of searching for Truth and Freedom to a tool for power and control. But about this we will explain in the next article: Faith (part 2).