The 2016 American Presidential Race provides us with many bizarre situations,

some bordering on the surreal; none more so then the person of Donald Trump. However, the keen and detached observer, who can take a step back and simply witness the show that unfolds before us may extract some valuable lessons.


While we may very well find much of Trump’s behavior ridiculous and repugnant, we may also notice that in fact he presents a more extreme manifestation of some qualities that many of us also have to a lesser extent.

More than anything else – Trump is a clear and powerful manifestation of the EGO. His behavior very often is nothing else then the glorification and celebration of the EGO.

The EGO always sees himself as the center of the world: he is the most important one, everything is always about himself and no one else matters.

The EGO always sees himself as exceptional, the best (or the worst) and no proof to the contrary or feedback is welcome.

The EGO always defines himself in relation to others – better or worse the others. But an ego-less person defines himself in relation to only himself, always aiming to be the best himself that he can be.

This notion was pointed out in a clever and hilarious way by comedian Bill Maher on his show Real Time.

Watch Donald and see if you can recognize a little something of him in yourself.