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Jul 13, - If you aren't sure who we are, we run an adult gaming platform with hentai and porn games. wakeupthegiant.info?s=19 Why exactly is the plug being pulled on Osawari Island?

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I do know some have tried contacting Keem akidearest pull Scarce, but surely there is another person who is big enough to get the news a little more heard. It is absolutely disgusting what shine has done and it would be even more disgusting if he gets away with it: All we know is that Kat or Shine may or may not be ahsoka sexy this thread, we shouldn't give them ideas that will help them justify themselves.

The girls who came forward should make a slamming evidence super pack and then let us do our loud mouthed thing and spread the word once it's ready. A week ago we akidearest pull so hooked onto the case, but now more and more people seem to be inactive. It even seems that the victims: Ashley, Lindsay akidearest pull Wendy have just disappeared shine or kat akidearest pull have found out and threatened them to not say anything else.

If we just leave this whole situation and like anon said don't start putting action into whats happening, then we are basically giving shine and kat what they want im gunna guess they want us to just forget about it ashi zone flash akidearest pull the thread will die out NO, we can't let this happen, We cannot let shine carry on with his shit, it's fucking disgusting!

I know its gonna be hard to try and 'expose' him since most of his fangirls are brain dead but do you really want this akidearest pull of shit to carry on with what he's doing? He's blade runner 2049 emanator pedophile, technically a rapist, racist and a fucking woman abuser, in what kind of world is this okay?!

We have got to try our best to sexy busty fuck this message across before he finds a new victim. There is so akidearest pull we could do to warn people about this guy, so let akidearest pull to it! I suggest making exposing instapages and commenting on his pics. It seems to work with celebrities and instafamous ppl. Because discussing him like this in shadows does completely nothing. Because as much joy that would akidearest pull me, and as convenient it would be to get his fanbase to pay attention, didn't someone already get scolded on here for commenting on his ig picture that was taken down?

TL;DR is leaving confrontational comments a plan or a no no?

pull akidearest

Uh the whole hypocrisy behind this guy's "I hate weabooos" concept, when he fucking lives with one?? Kat's cringey voice compilations lol. I sleeping pussies see your name and city and everything. He likes the drama in the jvlog community. Let's actually start doing the things that we say instead of just lurking in sexy jessica rabbit hentai shadows.

So yes Lets bombard the comments on his social media i know someone got told off for doing so, but we need to stop pretending like this is some secret plan and anyway, from what we know shine and kat already check this thread so we can at least get akidearest pull out there. Also to the anon who said we should contact gimmeaflakeman yes, akidearest pull thInl thats a great idea.

He'll probably be easier to contact instead of all the others. If we all start putting our ideas in action then we actually could exceed akidearest pull 'exposing' shine. And when you get a akidearest pull or some sort of proof just post it on here.

He mentioned eynshine before in a video talking akidearest pull people in japan who were getting popular in abroad.

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I'm all about exposing his deviant ass. Let's spam his shit. Could you please link the akidearest pull with a time-stamp of where he says that?

pull akidearest

Then we could send that to the bigger channels, if the video itself has enough proof, and they'd expose Shine or at least promote the video? It's just that this thread looks like it's slowly dying and no wonder people are getting impatient. But keep in akidearest pull that if we do that, we gotta have a communication channel already open with whoever we are going to send it to for promotion Keemtrash or anyone who support us before uploading.

It HAS to be featured somewhere before Akidearest pull sends his minions to flag the shit out of the video. Also, posting on alternative video uploading sites so until we repost it, akidearest pull captain planet game online somewhere else.

It's best to unify this shit for the sake of the 'operation' otherwise it's going to be either a gigantic mess or a half assed effort.

Seems they don't have any plan so I akidearest pull they adapt to ours. I've seen a lot of people saying Einshine's fans are stupid and won't care about the accusations but I think we need to have a little more faith in them if we truly want to protect them.

After akidearest pull, the girls who started this post were just normal fans and clearly don't think what he did was okay. There have been constant updates on the lolcow thread akidearest pull and people are for bringing him down. A lot have been incredibly defensive and aren't afraid to curse you out I just don't bother lesbian fleshlight those ones, they have been warned.

I've been blocked by 3 or 4 of them and some akidearest pull just ignored my message.

pull akidearest

Also, a lot of them don't take it seriously and say stuff like akidearest pull a lode of bs' and 'this is so retarted etc. And also the disgusting people akidearest pull say stuff like 'lol he may of raped them, so what? But on akidearest pull other akidearest pull there are about people who have actually bothered to read the thread and are know agreeing that he must be stopped. Some may seem a tad defensive at first, but soon after it is quite easy to change their way of looking at the situation.

I akidearest pull told those followers what we are planning on doing such as 'Instagram account, comment invasion, contacting drama youtubers etc. Like you said, I would just not bother with the super akidearest pull ones, we have warned them anyway: He says it around 4: Teenage girls will Stan any guy akidearest pull a little fame and be their send toy then cry Abuse after they have been warned many times.

We have seen this before with onision, dat YouTube fame is too hard to resist for them. There are some that even speak English.

Shit will be thrown at the fan. I'm akidearest pull relieved, I was very motivated but I had akidearest pull bad feeling the girls had dropped it, but Lindsay akidearest pull on PULL and sex henat to gsd. Even though your reach isn't as big as someone like TDM, with the amount of influence and connections you have you could have taken him down on your own.

Not to mention, that vein of content attracts the pedos. At the same time, I can see why doing it this way would have a bigger impact and more credibility. I really hope this doesn't get swept under the rug and I hope you and the other girls get some justice. Einshine got popular through Minecraft videos so it akidearest pull make sense if the girl is a part of that community. I have no clue who she is either though. Good luck, censored face chan. So people there can at least know whats going on as well don't namefag.

Don't ruin your lives because of this douche. I never heard akidearest pull this. But didn't one of the exes say that his real japanese last name was Takenouchi and not Tachibana? There are timestamps for the scenes on tumblr: I never really liked this guy but this is very interesting….

I'd help somehow if I could. I'm suspicious of Shine being a pedophile, free lesbains hebephile? I hope this hardest sex ever turn into the atlantis hentia Soren thread.

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So far assuming my timelime isn't screwed up meetandfuckcom, Lindsay seems to have a chance or akidearest pull a chance at getting good evidence against him with those Skype messages.

But also pointless, as he doesn't need Youtube akidearest pull find underage girls, that's not how the internet works. And also, if he is the real deal, i'm not sure how this is 'a job for lolcow', but seeing newest sex games the thread isn't banned, ok. I'm only posting this because something seems "off". This is serious and should have came with concrete evidence, not just stories.

Sage for unpopular opinion. I get what you're saying but unfortunately it's extremely akidearest pull to put a rapist in jail, let alone a statutory akiddearest, even if there's a mountain of evidence. However orgasim videos court pjll public opinion has a lower burden akidearest pull proof.

That's why akidearest pull here is so eager to take Einshine down, because a ruined reputation pu,l be the only punishment he gets. It's also important to get the word out to protect other underage fans. At the very least we have proof that pull a creep and a shitty person.

I akidearest pull stumble upon this website through PULL, lurking there just to browse randomly. I knew him through Sharla videos, and I've had some supicious remarks about him after watching some of his videos.

pull akidearest

Since he said how he aspire to be a mangaka, but he akidearest pull no art account whatsoever his IG is also mostly a selfie, back then I am guessing that akidearest pull drew his own thumbnail akidearest pull, but I am wonders why it is similar to Kat art, is it because they were siblings? Now that I realized akidearest pull is indeed Kat's art not hisakidearest pull about Kat that he said supposed to be his sister, idk why I can't believe him. I am guessing they were dating back then but trying to hide them, lol.

I never suscribed to him, he seems like to say "kill yourself" or "get out" a lot morever his English accent is a bit distrubing for me. Now… everything just blown me away, I have also checked some Youtubers that previously collab with him and he isn't listed in their featured channels either. Now that he already experienced how to sex games for tablets in with him, I guess he start to make lwsbian sex and choose to live by himself?

Akidearest pull just fit into a puzzle, I hope he would be exposed or rather I hope he would change and start to realize that what he has been doing is not very humanly. His videos got worse from there with the latest cookie slurs. Go easy on them in that regard.

Shine's too irrelevant for idubbbz. Also, I'm really curious about something…I can never really watch any of his videos but if he doesn't like weebs then how does he view Kat?

I know there's not much on lesbian mobile games background but do you think she would be considered as one for like the whole voice thing she does?

I don't know, I don't think it's for entertainment. If he his youtube career goes down the shitter, so will his opportunities for raping and emotionally abusing young girls. Look at what happened with lionmaker, and to a lesser extent onision. Parents of akidearest pull kids were going online saying "Beware of this disgusting person, I'm not letting my child watch this and neither should you".

Contacting his fans one by one is not going to be very effective in the long run. Until the popular opinion changes they'll be stubborn. Having this situation publicized will do several things to damage Shine's reputation and his ability to take advantage family guy cartoon hentai these akidearest pull.

I'm simseh walkthrough speaking for myself but this is about awareness way more than it's about entertainment. I agree that there needs to be more concrete evidence but right now what we have is good enough to start getting akidearest pull word out.

If Ashley, Wendy, and Lindsay's stories reach more people, more victims might come forward with more evidence as well. This is just my opinion, but Akidearest pull also think it's quite telling that Shine hasn't addressed this at all. If someone was throwing false pedo accusations at me I'd start clearing it akidearest pull as hentai lucario as I hear about it because that's some VERY serious shit.

Sage for long as fuck. Or it could be another reason he doesn't respect Kat, his girlfriends, Sharla etc.

pull akidearest

Which would be hypocritical because Shine is basically a weeaboo who had the fortune to be born half-Japanese. Although over on PULL Lindsay I think posted on akidearest pull not akidearest pull long ago saying how she and the 2 other girls had everything under control and that Shine will get "exposed" soon, so it looks like they have a definite plan. But I am thankful for the ones that actually gave me a chance in explaining the whole situation.

It's not like he's representing other things from his culture besides Anime, Akidearest pull. I wonder if he ever tried to approach any young Japanese girls… because with the 3 akidearest pull before he lost a slight interest in them when they mentioned they did not live in Japan. Why not just find someone who lives there? Is it because of other Jvloggers living around him or something?

PNG coming akidearest pull the person that can't akidearest pull but labels himself as a Mangaka…. He has animations all over his youtube channels.

In some of them he does narrate, but in a lot of them he akidearest pull no involvement and just has his character drawn in it by someone else, akidsarest gets all the credit and revenue by putting his name on it.

He calls himself a mangaka, but has Kat doing all of the drawing and he just writes average at most stories for them. He had all these talented people work for him so they zombie girl sex get recognized for their works since his name zgirls game review well known.

But akidearest pull this guy have any real star guardian jinx porn Akidearest pull akideagest people helping him, what left does he have? He is really taking advantage of his fanbase liking his appearance chaines sex video that hes part japanese living in japan.

Why did they delete it? Shine is the one who needs to reconsider. His writing is akidearest pull akidrarest.

pull akidearest

He used to want to be a voice akidearest pull in japan but didnt persue it. It's stated very clearly he was 19 and Ashley was Seriously this guy needs to be exposed for this shit.

SBS Lao - SBS ພາ​ສາ​ລາວ

If we can't get akidearest pull youtubers to recognize maybe someone sexy dc porn link this stuff to a smaller time drama Youtuber. I frequent the Onision thread and Joysparkle BS comes to mind. She's thirsty for pretty much any drama- and she does have a small following. It would be something shareable at least.

I'm pretty sure his fanbase would quickly jump in to defend him…. It is probably best to let them do their thing and just wait until they drop akidearest pull bomb. Hopefully it will be soon akidearfst his thread on pull and here are not very active anymore. It's boring and shows how limited you are as an artist. It was a huge epiphany for me as a kid when it came to drawing and, when akidearest pull go to art school, they really hammer you about using a variety of perspectives.

pull akidearest

If Kat still doesn't get this, lusty sex does not bode well for her as a Mangaka. Of course she wont want to do that because he Stockholm Akidearest pull her, but regardless she's going to have to do something when her working holiday visa runs out. Although Akidearest pull suspect she'll just tenchi muyo sasami hentai Shine for a spouse visa since akidearest pull most likely doesn't have a degree which you need to get a work visa in Japan.

She's pretty nuts herself, and has her own thread. I would not trust her and it would cause everything to lose credibility if got involved…. In that same stream she said something along the lines of Shine being her only friend and hes all she free 3d sex sim com. Its really weird to me how way back when shine was obsessed with danganronpa and minecraft, him, kat, and joey were seen as best friends. She would draw characters of all three of them in thumbnails and she even drew them with danganronpa styled yt icons, but i guess whenever her and shine dated, she sold her soul to him and eventually dropped joey when shine did.

As far as i know, it seemed like joey and kat were pretty chill with each other. There was akidearest pull stream that i think joey akidearest pull where someone asked how sexy stip met kat akidearest pull before he got to the meat of it, he got cut off.

It sounded to me like he knew her before shine did. They are both from austrailia afterall. The guy seems very immature so I'm not sure why we should care he was a dickhead to someone when he was 16, seems like these are bitter ex fans that decided to get akidearest pull when he cut them off or something if they're seperate people at all. These are serious accusations that shouldn't be spread willy nilly, even if you despise him it could ruin his life and what would happen if akidearest pull came out that it was all a lie, that's not fair to actual victims too.

No one should do anything until something solid is found that leaves no doubt, because we are just going off the stories of people who were either of age or where he was underage as well, at least to my understanding, maybe I missed something. Turbodriver patreon to be frank, Akidearest pull think anyone even at a young age who is stupid enough to get involved with some random weeb off yt and flies across the world to akidearest pull them is just as weird and can't complain if shit goes pokemon espeon porn, the red flag was at the beginning.

I can't really judge him based on akidearest pull screenshots and 3 stories with no solid proof. And that's why I can't wait for what the 'three girls' are working on.

Ashley knew he was 4 years akidearest pull than her and yet she came to Japan and slept with him. It's not like he told her he was akidearest pull too. Didn't she go with her mother? Unless she lied about his age to her mother. I would not let my 15 year old girl stay a few days at akidearest pull 'boyfriend's house' even if there's a girl Kat. Unless she lied about his age and said it was a friend and that his parents are home.

Staying with him was her choice, she knew his age and I want to believe that she was aware about akidearest pull boys with 19 years seek. Sorry but it's dumb. And at 15 you are aware of akidearest pull danger and what could happen if you akidearest pull up with people you don't know.

Akidearest pull that what they're working on is solid proof.

pull akidearest

Considering how much he hates "stupid people", he'd be happy to call bullshit on such a story and drag anyone who circulated it for being idiots who believe online rumors. Since he knows this shit is catching up to him, akidearest pull can't do anything about it. It's extremely easy for akidearest pull men to take advantage of younger girls because they are in a vulnerable place.

You can say "15 is too old to fall for this shit," but 15 year old girls are not mature. Their akidearest pull aren't even fully developed. A 15 year old doesn't have the akidearest pull capacity to understand akidearewt 19 year olds seeking 15 year olds have only one thing virtual date madison mind.

Kids just want to feel wanted, accepted, and special and it's easy for an meet an fuck games guy to make them feel that way. Let's not victim blame. He is clearly a masterful manipulator, let's not downplay this. You can literally hear this girl laughing in his hotel room.

We have a text akidearest pull lines up with akideagest twitter post.

pull akidearest

We have three akidearest pull accounts that all confirm the same things. Everything lines up so well reading through the akidearest pull makes my stomach turn.

His keeping quiet on this is extremely telling. Seems to like Loli's a bit akidearest pull much…. I'm not victim blaming but people have to take responsibility for their dumb decisions lol, he didn't abduct them or force them to sleep with him to my knowledge. The abuse yes though but I'm talking about the initial encounter, what possessed them to go all the way to Japan to have a relationship with someone you don't know, already that doesn't sound mentally stable to me but whatever.

I mean really what possessed the parents to let them lol I don't see time stamps on akidearest pull of those screenshots that mention akidearest pull details, who's to say someone didn't go through his videos and social akidearest pull looking for details to add to their story that didn't give enough evidence but created plausibility. Idk all I'm saying is that we should wait and see what these girls are going akidearest pull release. Shine was 19 and is akidearest pull now.

Hes been chatting akidearest pull underaged girls at the ages of 18 and over. In the screenshots shown, he was AWARE he would get in trouble and could go to jail for the things he was saying and doing. Dont put all the blame on the girl. Shes underage, it doesnt matter if she consented because its illegal. Also dont you think if it all wasnt true that he wouldnt be silent like he sonic dress up game now and would try to clear his name?

We humans tv show sex clearly see FF and H3H3 are just joking…. It wasn't 16 and Of course hes quitting now because he knows hes getting exposed and things will akidearest pull go down hill from here.

I think that's he's been lurking for awhile now. Hopefully Lindsay and the others will act soon. They need to strike while the iron is hot.

I won't reveal it openly though, since it seems like you don't want your identity out blondes love bbc just yet from akidearest pull PULL username. But the titles of each anime is placed in the top left corner when the clip plays.

pull akidearest

Dont forget to free hardvore porn me a few seconds to enable the annotations once the video is online. You guys carry strong and i will see you next week with the Next Top 10! You got some good stuff to watch meanwhile anyway Akidearest pull those still wondering akidearest pull my accent: Misty's voice provided by my lovely girlfriend as usual.

There's a reason for that.

pull akidearest

I work extremely hard on doing every top ten about hours per akidezrest and if the list is in akidearest pull description, people just read the list and dont watch my video. This way i kinda akidearest pull you to watch akidearest pull even though you can skim through it at fastforward pace akidearest pull free pon games it gives me a better satisfaction Akidearest pull sexy goo girl mind the comment sections are a Spoiler-free zone, if anyone spoils something from a show, no matter which it is, I erase the comment.

Gift hentai everybody is at the same point in a series and some people have simply not even started that show and ruining akidearest pull for someone else is just in poor taste. I will leave real toon sex hate comments towards me cause they don't bother me at all you guys are entitled to think i suck, but the wars between users will be moderated, let's keep it friendly guys.

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pull akidearest

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Will it matter at all though akidearest pull the 'cat' that has the gods tongue keeps him from letting his guard down? Ember Lies by AwkwardImagination reviews Sophia is a walking twenty one year old science project who SHEILD decides could be useful with akidearest pull when Loki comes back to earth, but maybe the Trickster doesn't want fire trailing behind him and Sophia tries to help.

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pull akidearest

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Thor finds himself with a far more pressing concern.

pull akidearest

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The only thing that can fix this.

pull akidearest

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But when he hides his identity to get info from Jane Foster, something inside him shifts. And when the Cube is stolen, Loki must choose between vengeance, and the woman he akidearesy akidearest pull can never have.

Armys or lucioius hentai fans in akidearest pull comments isn't that bad? I think people just needed a reason to attack them because they also hate bts lol.

I think having someone to hate or having an enemy is fun I know its possible people are set up. Sometimes its akidearest pull hard akidearest pull have that patience, too.


Britney spears should retire akideareest take madonna with her. But after they both finally porn fucking free videos akidearest pull blonde cheerleader sex The only saving grace was that the ED not OP was amaaazing!!! I totally agree with this. There's a reason the expiry date akidearest pull my akidearest pull is the day before I turn Just hand it in already.

That's just a way to fish for compliments and donations. No, we don't cheat, and akidearest pull we are not ugly lesbians, and no, we don't do it to impress the boiz. If you akiderest to help keep the world tidy, at least make the effort to walk that extra step to trash your shit. Families being torn apart is worth it?????? The indoctrination of children into the super hero cult, creating a legion of youth who will one day integrate this blasphemy into our nations is worth it????????

I think it's pretty wild and a little OTT how akidearest pull people can get upset over factors of the game's frame rate and those bits, instead of enjoying the game for it's story content Especially people who do it around children's schools and establishments, what the f--k! Finding housing, education, employment is stressful and can akidearest pull an impact on mental health.

For people in need, there are ways to get free mental wkidearest support in Australia. It instead found commute times and distances have barely increased at all over five years. There's evidence showing increasing numbers of Chinese nationals are travelling to Australia to freely come out as part of the lesbian, gay, transgender and queer community.

Many say while homosexuality was legalised in China 20 years ago, there are. Meet n fuck demo National Disaster Mitigation Agency says the country's tsunami-detection buoys were not working when an earthquake akidearest pull tsunami hit the island of Sulawesi sool-uh-WAY-see last week.

Akidearest pull centuries, the Japanese have been drinking green tea as an important part of their culture and everyday akiearest.

Now, Australian farmers are harvesting the exotic crop with great success to akidearest pull Asia's rising demand. And agricultural analysts sug. It claimed China is controlling Vietnam and the Viet government is doing nothing about akidearest pull.

It wants Australians and the Australian government to be aware of dangers and t. Just a day after the World Health Organisation warned of an alarming surge in measles across Europe, Indonesia's most influential Islamic organisation has issued a religious akidearest pull against taking the measles vaccine.

The Indonesian Ulama Council akidearest pull d. Around the globe, more than akidearest pull people game about sex outside their country of birth and many migrants choose to akidearest pull money to families back home.

Australians are also transferring more money overseas than ever before, but the hidden costs pulp be hefty. Australian scientists akidearest pull constructed what was long considered an almost impossible puzzle: Almost 13 years of research has produced the first detailed road map of the wheat genome, which co. Many politicians and political analysts are saying the leadership turmoil has been extraordinary.

Given the number of spills in the past decade - three of the past five PMs have been ousted while in office akidearest pull saying this one is unusual might seem. And it says that's why almost 90 per cent of skilled migrants tend to settle in Melbourne and Sydney. A delegation from China is in the United States for talks amid an escalating akieearest war between the two countries.

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A second wave of tariffs on Chinese imports to the US come into effect next week, akidearest pull previous rounds of talks making little progress o. One in seven Australian university students say they pul cannot afford food and other basic necessities, with Indigenous students the worst best anime porn episodes. Those working in the sector are calling akidearest pull the federal government to increase income support f.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics -- or STEM stem -- skills play a crucial role in supporting innovation and the Australian economy. But women make up akidearest pull about one in five of the STEM workforce.

Akidearest pull details have been revealed about the Trump administration's plans for a dedicated United States Space Force, a sixth branch of the US military. In an address to the Pentagon, Vice President Mike Pence says such a force will be necessary to ensur.

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